Songs-DB 1.4 beta build 503 is ready for testing!

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Songs-DB 1.4 beta build 503 is ready for testing!

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If you're interested in trying out the latest and greatest, the second beta of Songs-DB 1.4 is available for download.

As with the original beta, keep in mind that it contains a number of bugs, some of which have not yet been discovered. The beta is being provided for feedback and testing purposes, and is recommended for use only by advanced users who regularly test pre-release software. If you plan on testing the beta, take precautions to backup your data to protect against any data loss during installation or usage.

What's new in build 503?
  • -Fixed problem with incorrect reads of small percentage of MP3 header attributes
    -Fixed database issues resulting from upgrades of Windows 9x to Windows 2000 or Windows XP
    -Fixed a small number of cases of failed tag updates for incorrectly formed tags
    -Fixed screen refresh problems when inserting/removing CDs / Clicking 'Update' in properties editor
    -Fixed tracklist sorting problems that occur when no track is selected
    -Fixed tree refresh problems-new entries are no longer added to the bottom of the tree
    -Fixed problems with using the property editor for tracks in the Now Playing node
    -Fixed UI problems with Freedb query results selection
    -Fixed problems in which prevented the File Monitor from updating library without a restart of Songs-DB
    -Fixed drag&drop of ratings
    -Fixed tooltips in the tracklist--they always appear now
    -Fixed AutoPlaylists--they work again
    -Corrected errors & grammar in startup tips/error messages/icons/several dialogs
    -New directory selection dialogs with option to create directories
    -Improved performance of 'Add Tracks' and 'File Monitor' after the database is initially populated
    -Improved representation of inaccessible CDs in Now Playing node
    -Reduced skipping that occurs when editing tags of a track that's playing
    -Improved plug-in UI
    -Improved CD insertion--CD is no longer automatically added to the library(although it can still be seen in the Library)
    -Improved status bar UI
    -Added Files to Edit/Unclassified nodes
    -Added Send to Folder (Explorer)
Songs-DB Beta: ... ew_503.exe
Note: This beta is now out-of-date

1) If you have a previous version of Songs-DB Gold installed, do NOT uninstall it--otherwise you may have problems accessing your cached files. If you aren't using the Virtual CD, you can safely uninstall your previous version of Songs-DB before installing the new one.
2) Double-click the downloaded file to install it.