Song pauses/pops after updating properties

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Song pauses/pops after updating properties

Post by Numbnuts »

Verson: 1.4 (build: 1.506) applied over 1.3 gold
OS: WinXP / 2k

Song pauses/pops after updating properties

When right clicking on the internal player and choosing properites and upping the rating the song pauses, starts at the beginning then jumps back to position.

Steps to reproduce:
1) start playing a song on the internal player
2) right click on the internal player
3) click on 'Properties'
4) choose 4 or 5 stars for rating.
5) click on 'Ok'
6) Song pauses, then starts at the beginning for a few seconds then jumps back to the place it was at.

I believe in 1.3 that there was no pause. But since I no longer have 1.3 installed ;) I can't verify that.

Enhancment request? (I can add this to a seperate thread in a different forum if you wish. I know this is a bug bash, not requirments gathering exercise).
- Can we have hot keys or systray menu ability to up/lower the rating of the song?
- Option to up rating based upon times played?
- It would be nice if the Rating tree showed (maybe option) all songs at least x stars instead of equal to x stars.
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Post by rusty »

re. the audio glitches while editing a tag, it's definitely new to 1.4 because 1.3 didn't support tag editing of the currently playing track (1.3 allowed properties of the currently playing track to be changed, but often didn't keep tags synchronized with the db--we decided for 1.4 that it was too confusing for the average user to have to distinguish between properties in the library and properties in the tag). Summary: the bug is on the radar, but it's unlikely to be entirely resolved for the current release.

Re. hotkeys for ratings: good idea. We have a couple of additional hotkeys that we've been thinking about and I've added this to the list. The only questions are:
-Should the hotkey apply to the selected track or to the currently playing track? or have 2 sets of hotkeys?
-might it be better to have a 'floating' UI that allowed the user to more easily change attributes such as Tempo, Mood, Occasion, Rating with a single click (it could be configured dynamically to apply to the 'Now Playing' Track or the 'Currently Selected' Track)?

Re. option to up the rating based on times played--perhaps Jiri can answer you on that--I've no idea how to do this in a way that would consistently make sense.

Re. the rating tree: I see your point, but it could be confusing in the current paradigm since ratings nodes function like other nodes in terms of dragging and dropping (i.e. to change a track from 3 to 4 stars the user would drag the track from one node to the other, but if the node showed all tracks <=4 stars, such an action would be unintuitive). The Gold version supports this type of query, but we have a bit of work remaining to:
-reduce the number of clicks needed to get to the search interface
-reduce the complexit of the advanced search interface
We've thought a bit about how to do so, but it's unlikely to happen for this release.
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Post by Numbnuts »

I personally would like to have the currently played song have hotkeys for rating. + and - ?
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Rating HotKey

Post by Peke »

Good Idea. It is very handy that way.

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