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Burn CD

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My Songs-DB data base has 50% mp3 files and 50 % mp3PRO files. I use NERO to convert mp3 to mp3PRO. In Songs-DB is not posible to burn CD in mp3 format and, in the forum, I see that some people use NERO others Roxio etc.. I suggest a common way to resolve this obstacle to will be the reason to make a new task, in the tools bar, to launch own programs and when the task is finnised return to main menu.

Congratulations, Songs-DB is in the way to be the best songs-manager in the market.
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Burn MP3 CD

Post by Peke »

The Main Problem is in seeing of recording part in Songs-DB. As I see it the
intention of SDB makers is that you can make custom AUDIO CD but not for making
MP3 Colections, but it is dream of all us that wanna have great songs-manager (even
myself) and Burn Software (I have found some ways to simulate this) but it
will bring lots of legal things that will pushdown the main idea of SDB in second plan
I hope so you and others do not mean happen as there is lots of things TO-DO?
I don't say that this is irrelevant issue but for now As I think it is Far
on a TO-DO list. As I know in next beta it will be added support for General
Plugins which provide much needed support for those kind of Third party
applications. So lets wait and see. Take my word an programer and DJ that there
will be a time at which this will come as necessary to think about. I hope that
Jiri And Rusty also think my way, and think they do.

I apologies to anyone if this offends them, cause this isn't my intention, so
they are free to contact/reply me for any questions regarding this or any other
issue as all my findings and writes is based on exp.(in this matter) and
intensive testing/using of SDB.

Only one more thing I have to say is that when I found SDB it was the first time

I forgot on all other softwares for playing and managing my huge MP3/AUDIO
collection and almost all time use SDB. There is no better way of saying thanks
than see them that their work lives and make people happy (like myself).
Best regards,
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