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beta version 1.4 (Build: 1.506)

Post by Willem »

In the previous version there was an option to do outstanding Freedb requests. I can't find this option anymore in the beta version 1.4 (Build: 1.506).

I tried "Get Album Info from Freedb" and although it was found, nothing seemed to have been transferred.

The following text was sent by e-mail as well:

These are a few problems (bugs or user errors?), I had using the beta version 1.4 (Build: 1.506).
File properties of WAV-files
I had copied some wav files from a Vinyl record. When I modified the file properties, I got a DB message the statement could not be executed because the media record didn't exist. Although I wanted to change the file properties before saving the files to Virtual CD.
After saving to Virtual CD, it worked fine.
When burning the above WAV-files to an Audio CD...
Burning a CD, using Write CD Text, Test and Burn, Track-At-Once, result: Burning was not successful, error number: 3.
Burning a CD, using Write CD Text, Test and Burn, Disk-At-Once was ok.

Burning 2 CD's using Disk-At-Once:
only 11 out of 12 tracks were burned,
only 10 out of 11 tracks were burned.
I've done these once again and they were all there. I suppose I didn't select all the tracks.

Burning 2 CD using Disk-At-Once and Normalize volume of all tracks:
All tracks on both CD's were there but completely silent when played!?

How come in any of those cases, when I reinserted the CD, none of the CD tracks were recognized? Could there be a way to match the Album with the CD?
Songs-DB Player
My Double-click action is "Shows file properties".
While playing a set of files, when I edit the properties of the current file, it starts playing it and can not be stopped.
I didn't find any process in the task manager I could cancel.
A suggestion
Both an eject and inject (or insert) button for each CD-player.

Burning Audio CD's / Changing file properties / Songs-DB Pla

Post by Willem »

In the meantime I read about the Nero plug in.
Because I had these problems using the plug in, I burn the CD's now in Nero using an exported playlist. This way every attempt works fine.

"Get Album Info from Freedb" and changing file properties
I think the above problems are due to the fact that I tried to do this before "Add(ing) Tracks to the Library...". Somehow I'd rather correct the file properties "in memory", before inserting them into the Library.

Since I installed beta version 1.4 (Build: 1.519), I can no longer reproduce the following problem: "While playing a set of files, when I edit the properties of the current file, it starts playing it and can not be stopped".
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Various issues

Post by rusty »


Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll try to go through the issues 1 by 1:

1) Problems getting Freedb data. Beta 4 corrected a number of CD-related problems and they probably account for the fact that you seem to no longer be experiencing those problems. Re. your suggestion that Freedb queries should be editable, I strongly agree--hopefully we'll get to it sooner rather than later.

2) Re. editing .wav file metadata before it's imported into the library: at the moment we don't support storage of .wav file metadata within the file--this metadata is stored only in the DB, which accounts for you only being able to edit it after the file has been added to the library. It's unlikely that we'll add this feature anytime soon, as it's fairly low on the priority list (i.e. few people have asked for this).

3) CD burning problems: I think that most of the CD burning problems should have been resolved in Beta 4 (it works in my environment), but i'd be interested in knowing whether you're still experiencing these bugs.

4) Problems with CD recognition. Although Songs-DB does write CD-Text via the Nero plugin, it doesn't yet support recognition of CD-text. Hopefully soon...

5) Insert/Eject buttons: I'm assuming that you want this primarily for CD burning. It would be nice, but we're deferring all new CD-burn features until we integrate CD burning technology into the product.

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