album properties: comment does not update

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album properties: comment does not update

Post by Felix Atagong »

As I'm trying to test Songs-DB to the limit (I hope you don't mind), I found a new 'bug' this morning. I tried to insert an album comment (of a cd that was playing) at the album node and at the album branch inside the artist node, and after pressing OK this is what I got:
File d:\track1.cda is read only. Do you want to change it?. I am used to these messages as I am busy putting my entire cd collection into Songs-DB but this time putting in yes or no didn't change anything as the comment did not get saved (I tried every permutation of yes/no/OK to all/etc...).

Finally I put my album comment at track level (song properties, comment) and that worked like a jiffy. :D

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Felix Atagong
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Post by rusty »

thx--that one slipped through the cracks. Fixed in beta5.
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