Beta 5 is up - get your copy here! (build 540)

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Beta 5 is up - get your copy here! (build 540)

Post by rusty »

We're proud to announce beta 5 (Songs-DB version 1.4). This build resolves most of the remaining high priority bugfixes although there are also a few new goodies thrown in. With any luck, this will be the final beta, so if you notice any serious problems, please let us know!

Update: Build 536 has been replaced with build 538 due to a problem in build 536 related to editing CD Properties.

Update: Build 538 has been replaced with build 540 due to a nasty bug which can result in deleted tracks when using auto-rename.

As with previous betas, keep in mind that this one contains a number of bugs, some of which have not yet been discovered. The beta is being provided for feedback and testing purposes, and is recommended for use only by advanced users who regularly test pre-release software. If you plan on testing the beta, take precautions to backup your data to protect against any data loss during installation or usage.

What's new in build 536?
  • - Added minimization to the 'Now Playing' window. You can try this out by clicking the player's (not SDB's) minimize button, or by enabling this behavior for the main minimize button.
    - Added support for standard editing to the Properties pane (Ctrl-C, -B, -V, -Z)
    - Added config entry for background thread priority and changed the default to 'Lower'
    - Added 'Unknown Rating' to 'Files to Edit'
    - Added multiple Delete options to the Now Playing node--it's now possible to delete tracks directly from the Now Playing node.
    - Added Move options for Library Location nodes--you can move the entire folder or just the contents in the Library.
    - Improved CPU utilization on playback
    - Improved deletion--previously used settings are saved
    - Fixed editing of Track Artist in properties pane/tracklist (added intelligence so Album Artist doesn't always change)
    - Fixed pressing <enter> on 'Now Playing' node doesn't initiate playback
    - Fixed duplicate DB entries when copying from Library/Locations folder to My Computer folder
    - Fixed problems playing multiple tracks via Windows Explorer integration
    - Fixed tracklist/folders don't refresh on Copy/Move move operations for My Computer & Library nodes
    - Fixed ambiguity in deletion of Library Location nodes via deletion options
    - Fixed failed deletion of the currently playing track
    - Fixed slow performance for display of entire collection (> 2000 tracks)
    - Fixed problem when burning to a non-empty CD-RW
    - Fixed cropped dialogs on systems using high dpi/font settings
    - Fixed multimedia keyboard problems--again ;-)
    - Fixed problem re. duplicate entries from playlists (when in root)
    - Fixed problem with writing ID3 mood tags
    - Fixed misc. UI cleanup issues (config panels, properties panel, Freedb results, etc.)
What's new in build 538?
  • - Fixed problem with CD Location properties that occurs when editing track properties for an uninserted CD
    - Fixed export status bar and incorrect dialog
What's new in build 540?
  • - Fixed Auto-rename deletes files when renaming to same name
    - Fixed Auto-rename doesn't immediately update formats when new format is chosen
    - Fixed cannot rename/auto-rename currently playing Track
    - Began separating strings into resource files for localization
    - Added shortcut on toolbar for 'Now Playing' and modified shortcuts as follows (help isn't yet updated):
    -- Forward 5 seconds via: <Ctrl>-N, <shift><ctrl>-N (previously <Ctrl>-F, <shift><ctrl>-F)
    -- Analyze Volume via: <Shift><Ctrl><V> (previously <Ctrl>-N)
    -- Search via: <Ctrl>-F OR <F3> (previously <Ctrl>-S)
    -- Synchronize Tags via: <Ctrl>-S (previously <Ctrl>-T)
    -- Auto Tag via: <Ctrl>-T (previously <Ctrl>-M)
    -- Auto Rename via: <Ctrl>-R (previously <Shift><Ctrl><R>)
    -- Rip CD via: <Shift><Ctrl><R>
    -- Convert Format via: <Shift><Ctrl>-C (previously <Ctrl><Alt>-F)
    -- Burn Audio CD via: <Shift><Ctrl>-A (previously <Alt><Ctrl>-A)

    -- Now Playing Node via: <F6>
    -- Library node via: <F7>
    -- Artist node via: <F8>
    -- Album node via: <F9>
    -- Genre node via: <F10>
    -- Year node via: <F11>

    -- View Properties (toggle) via: <Alt><Ctrl>-P
    -- View Now Playing Window (toggle) via: <Alt><ctrl>-N (previously <Shift><Ctrl>-N)
    -- View Equalizer (toggle) via: <Alt><Ctrl>-E (previously <Shift><Ctrl>-E)
    -- View Player (toggle) via: <Alt><Ctrl><L>

Songs-DB Beta: ... ew_540.exe

1) If you have a previous version of Songs-DB Gold installed, do NOT uninstall it--otherwise you may have problems accessing your cached files. If you aren't using the Virtual CD, you can safely uninstall your previous version of Songs-DB before installing the new one.
2) Double-click the downloaded file to install it.
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Error Message When Closing Songs-DB

Post by WeBBy »

A few issues with the new Beta that I thought you might like to know. I have occasionally been using Songs-DB for about six months. I downloaded Beta 1.4 and really liked what I saw except for a few problems. First I receive this error message everytime I close the program:
Access violation at address 00669371 in module 'Songs-DB.exe'. Read of address 00000888.

Other than that It works fine. Except for the EQ design. Songs, is the only program that I have found that organizes the database right, and now it offers an auto tagger. Very nice. And a big thanks for adding the MAD plugin to the installer. I am a real stickler on sound quality and haven't used Songs' fulltime because it didn't have an equalizer. Many programs have equalizers but most don't get them right. I hate to say it, but MediaPlayer 9 has the absolute best EQ and probably has the best sound of anything out there, but the database organization must have been coded by a monkey. Songs' would be the closest thing to "Nirvana" if only the EQ wasn't so "overdone". Seriously, the top end slider at 19k and the low end at 55hz? A slider in the 30 - 40hz range would be nice. Many use a 60hz slider and that must be because they still think that everyone must be using winpy desktop PC speakers, but I for one use the digital output on my soundcard to hook directly into my home audio system. I have rambled on enough. I wish you would consider cutting the number of sliders on the EQ in half with a bottom at around 35hz and a top at around 16khz.

I appreciate the fine work you have done.


Great feature

Post by Kelvin »

I've been using the version 1.3 for over 7 months. Got the 1.4 beta 5 and it has my long waiting feature - send MP3 file to other location. Good for dropping the files to my portable player! I'm going to get the Gold version to support you.

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Re: Error Message When Closing Songs-DB

Post by rusty »

WeBBy wrote:Songs' would be the closest thing to "Nirvana" if only the EQ wasn't so "overdone".
We've simplified the equalizer in MediaMonkey 2.0 RC-1 to a more 'reasonable' 10 bands.
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