Updating song title screws up location in Beta 5

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Updating song title screws up location in Beta 5

Post by tralla »

Hi all,

downloaded Beta 5 yesterday and have just encountered a major problem: I am entering my CDs into the database and want to change the titles for some tracks. When I do so and save the result Songs-DB wants to change the track's file name and "saves" the update to some "A" drive (I definitely didn't tell it to do so!). This of course screws up the location and therefore the database!! The tracks appear as "Available" which they aren't - the CD is back on the shelf at that time.

Looks like a bug to me, and I'm falling back to Beta 4 now. :-(

Sorry for the bad news, Susanne
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Post by rusty »

Susanne, thanks for the report. This slipped in along with some of the other fixes to the properties panel.

It's been fixed in build 538, and beta 5 is being rereleased with build 538. You can find it in the beta 5 announcement.
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