1272 Unable to dl podcasts, update track info from Amazon

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1272 Unable to dl podcasts, update track info from Amazon

Post by mhendu »

I'm running Windows XP and the latest beta - after upgrading I'm no longer able to download podcasts or update track data from Amazon. This is only occurring on my laptop for some reason, and I'm not experiencing the same issue on my desktop. Also, when syncing tracks to my iPod Touch overnight on my desktop the program crashed and now my iPod Touch is reporting about 9 GB less free space than before. It did not delete any tracks when I resynced it, even though I have the option selected to delete tracks on sync. When trying to update track info from Amazon it shows an error:

Couldn't show results.
Socket Error # 10013 Access denied.
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Re: 1272 Unable to dl podcasts, update track info from Amazon

Post by Ludek »

1. The iTouch problem should be fixed in the next build, see
for details.

2. The issue with accessing the internet:

I would suggest to check firewall or antivirus that probably blocks MM access, check this out and allow MM to be trusted app or disable firewall for a while in order to confirm my speculation.

Another way is to try run MM from another user account.

Alternatively adding the hidden config described here: http://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=4353
could help. i.e. You can add the following line:

PreferTIEHTTPlib = 1

to the [Options] section of MediaMonkey.ini

The default locations of MediaMonkey.ini:
o Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.ini
o Windows Vista:
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