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On-Line Forum & question

Post by jaxjon »

When using the link to on-line forum under help in MediaMonkey (I still want to type Songs-db, fingers need training) my ie 6.0 freaks out and will not bring up page.

Also since it is now called a release candidate instead of a beta I assume I can still offer suggestions/feedback on MediaMonkey, correct. If so I would like to see an option when installing to have MediaMonkey start when windows starts. As now I have to manually put it in the startup folder or add it to startup with another program. I never thought of this before as I did it once with SDB and I never had to change it until now.
Once again congrats on MediaMonkey!! :D

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Post by rusty »

Jaxjon, thanks for the feedback.

re. the forum link, all www links will become active (although some are already) once MM is officially released.

re. the launch at startup, sounds like a good idea. I'll add it to the to do list.

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