Media Monkey...Great Idea

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Media Monkey...Great Idea

Post by scherer43 »

First of all I want to say that I really like the new name and the new logo. The songs DB thing seemed just a little too generic.

I experienced a prolem with the import of my data files as well. I have 4250 files and only about 1100 made it into the library. Not a huge problem though.

I know this isn't the place for wishlist type things. But I thought I'd take care of it all in one post. I mentioned a clear button for the search program, I was wondering if that might still be coming.

Also for Auto Playlist I was wondering if there was a way you could possibly add a way to randomize results you get. Say I want 20 random Rap songs for a cd. I set the genre to rap and then get 20 songs with different combinations every time. Is this a possibility?
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re. file import, search functionality & 'randomize' feat

Post by rusty »

Re. the import of data files, can you confirm whether the problem occurred importing an existing Songs-DB library or when you ran MediaMonkey for the first time and it scanned your drive, but failed to find all the music.

The clear button is still on the to do list as part of a bunch of changes to the search functionality. We're hoping to include these post 2.0.

Re. the 'randomize' feature, there's no way to do this at the moment, but I really like this idea. Adding it to the list (the list is getting very long ;-)

thx. for the feedback.

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