User defined action

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User defined action

Post by Maciek »

I've recently discovered Song-DB and now MediaMonkey. This is a very good utility and it really helps with my work (I will definitely register it soon). I keep a huge set of MP3 files on my HD - over 9000 of them - containing my library of sound effects. MediaMonkey allows me to quickly play them while I'm looking for the right sound (which is faster than loading to WinAmp or sound editing application). But what would really speed up my work - the ability to load the selected file to the sound editor.

If MediaMonkey allowed users to define a "custom" action which could be performed on the selected file via right-click menu, key shortcut or whatever, it would be almost perfect tool for my job. The custom action could be simply a command to execute with optional parameters (one of them being the name of the selected file, or better a full path to it). It could be also the enhancement to "Send" command in context menu.
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Post by jiri »

Such custom things are probably best solved by MediaMonkey scripting (in Gold version). You can simply create a script that executes a predefined application with a parameter that defines the selected file (or possibly files).

Should you have problems creating such script, just write to the 'Technical Support - Developers' forum and me or someone else can help you.

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