crash and reset to default!

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Contact: crash and reset to default!

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Last night we were listening to some music using MM and browsing using the coverflow plugin. At one point I noticed that the covers were not appearing on the coverflow plugin, with the generic image appearing instead. This has happened a few times before, and a restart of MM usually sorts it. So I restarted MM, only to find that:-

On starting MM again, it acted as if it was the first time it had been started!! It offered to scan my files etc! I declined, and on opening the software, all my music was still there, covers and all, but:-

All the MM settings had been reset! The plugins (Monkeyflow and Monkeyrok) were still there, but all my Magicnodes had gone, and the output device settings etc had all been reset!

Any ideas why this has happened, and if and how I can fix it? I have not updated to the 3.2.2 yet as I'm worried that this might prevent me restoring my settings.

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Re: crash and reset to default!

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Restart PC and see if settings are back.
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Re: crash and reset to default!

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