Migrating MM 3 library to MM 4

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Migrating MM 3 library to MM 4

Post by illusion8055 »

I downloaded MM4 to try out some of the new features and sync with my iPad 2. Since then I have still relied upon MM 3 for my day to day music management/playback. My playlists and library in MM3 have been updated many times over since my initial install of MM4 (which is still using the first library it copied from MM 3 upon the first install).

I am trying to find a way to copy or update my MM 4 library from what currently exists in my MM 3 install. Any ideas? I've snooped around the whole menu system without any luck.

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Re: Migrating MM 3 library to MM 4

Post by nohitter151 »

Just delete the MM4 database and then when you run MM the first time it will update the MM3 database to MM4 automatically.
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Re: Migrating MM 3 library to MM 4

Post by rusty »

For more info about the location of the MM3 vs MM4 databases, see:
http://www.mediamonkey.com/support/inde ... ticleid=17

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