[1449] Multimedia Key (Not working)

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[1449] Multimedia Key (Not working)

Post by Random »

Issue: Multimedia key (Play,Stop, Next/Forward track) does not work when first run in Microplayer.

How to reproduce:
-Open Mediamonkey (MM).
-Change MM to Microplayer.
-Exit MM (while still in Microplayer)
-Open MM again, it should be in Microplayer since you exit it in Microplayer.
-Now try using any of the multimedia keys such as Play, Stop, Next Track or Forward track. It will not recognise any of those keys.
Solution: Restore Microplayer player (ie. Maximise it to full windows). Now Multimedia keys will works, even if you decide to change it back to Microplayer.
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Re: [1449] Multimedia Key (Not working)

Post by Peke »

Can't replicate on my G15 keyboard. What keyboard you use?
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Re: [1449] Multimedia Key (Not working)

Post by rpsgc »

Works fine here.

Using Steelseries 7G.
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Re: [1449] Multimedia Key (Not working)

Post by rusty »

Thanks for the report--I'm able to reproduce.

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Re: [1449] Multimedia Key (Not working)

Post by R »

Using a wireless Belkin F8E815-BNDL (F8E815-KYDB).
It might work with some keyboard while other keyboard get similar problem (ie. rusty and mine cases).

Further info that may or may not help: Using Win7 x64 bits. Using Microsoft's

"Standard PS/2 Keyboard" Driver
Driver Date: 21-Jun-06
Version: 6.1.7600.16385

It might be cause you guy (those that do not have this problem) are using your keyboard's manufacture driver. Belkin don't support this keyboard anymore, what they do have is outdated and were design for x84 (32bits) only.
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