MMW Sync Crashes after a while

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MMW Sync Crashes after a while

Post by Buruan »

IPhone 4s latest OS7- MMW 4.1.1681

I am trying to synch my IPHONE 4s with about 12k songs.
Every time I kick off the synch process, after about 3000 songs, MMW simply closes with no error message, no notification.
It simply disappears.

The Icon stays in the lower right, but once I hover my Mouse over it, that disappears as well.

I have tried this 4 times now and it happens every time.

Any idea what might be causing this.

The same synch to an IPOD Classic 5th gen as well as an SD card works perfectly fine.
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Re: MMW Sync Crashes after a while

Post by Ludek »

Hi, does it crashe without generating the automatic crash report to send? (item 4a here: ... ?f=6&t=341)
Do you use debug build?

I would suggest to download 1681 Debug (the second link here: ... 80#p379640 ) and generate debug log (item 4b here: ... ?f=6&t=341)
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