auto rename via freedb

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auto rename via freedb

Post by joey4good »

Hi Guys,

nice work!

But one Question. I can't find the function to rename filenames and replace/correct id3 tags automatically by analysing the mp3 file and getting the correct information from a freedb or cddb Server.

Will there be such a function in the future?

This will be great, because I got lot more than 40GB mp3s in all kind of languages. Some mp3's got the wrong filenames and the wrong id3 Tags. So it will be very difficult to correct these filenames and id3 tags manually.

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Post by Lowlander »

This has been discussed previously in the forums (you might want to browse around). Some problems were which system to choose, some only allow for their system to be included, some allow for multiple systems. FreeDB was one of the choices, but so are other systems. Currently the only thing you can do for a track is check it online with Amazon's DB (no import function available from that).

At this point plans are there, but something concrete hasn't been figured out.

And we'll hope something nice can be done to make this job easier for all of us.
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Post by lottajunx »

I was having a similar problem and found an app called PsychicMP3. The interface isn't intuitive and the app always tries to rename all the CDs in an entire folder. It's nice when it works, but a total pain the rest of the time.

To MediaMokey: I think this would be a great feature. This is something I was expecting to be built into MediaMonkey instead of the Amazon CD lookup.
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