Can not play files from offline-folders (WinXP)

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Can not play files from offline-folders (WinXP)

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i installed MM 2.0. I have all my mp3's on the server(Windows2003), mapped to drive j:.
Some of my favourites i made available offline and so i have them right with me on my laptop.
I can play the files as long as i am connected to the network, but as soon as i disconnect the files are not accessible (they are greyed out or they are black and if i try to play them they became grey).
I can play them with MS Mediaplayer.

What can i do to fix it?

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Win XP Offline folders compatibility

Post by rusty »

I haven't ever used the offline folder functionality with MM. Until we look into this further, I can suggest 2 possible workarounds:
1) add the entries that are in the offline folder cache to the DB by scanning the offline folder cache (C:\windows\csc)
2) Use the virtual CD instead of the offline folder functionality. It allows you to store content from Audio CDs, MP3 CDs, or the network (Gold only), without creating duplicate entries.

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