Volume levelling and the iPod

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Volume levelling and the iPod

Post by thebooge » Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:52 pm

Here is a detailed version of what I am experiencing:

1. My files are on my iPod. These have been synced to the iPod from another computer and all volume levelling has been carried out on this computer.
2. I have MediaMonkey installed on a second computer (v
3. I do NOT have a music library installed on this second computer. I have no music at all on this computer. This is a completely fresh installation of MediaMonkey and I did not scan my computer for music files.
4. When I browse to my iPod with MediaMonkey (Select the iPod node - my E: drive - not within My Computer - rather it's own iPod node) all of the mp3 files display the volume levelling values.
5. If I double-click one of the mp3 files on my iPod, it does not play according to this levelling value (too loud).
6. If I right-click on one of my iPod tracks and select "Copy", select the c:\ drive in the Library node and then select "Paste", the mp3 file is MOVED off of my iPod onto my c:\ drive.
7. If I double-click on this mp3 file on my c:\drive, the file DOES play according to the levelling value.
8. If I synchronize this file back onto my iPod (remember the file was moved off of my iPod in step 6 for some reason) and then double-click on this mp3 file on my iPod, again it does not play according to the levelling value.

Is this a bug? I have discussed this with Lowlander here and thought it should be addressed in this forum. Sorry if this is considered double dipping.

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Post by DiddeLeeDoo » Sun Oct 01, 2006 12:01 pm

Do you have v2.5.4 on the 'fresh computer' ?

Somehow my time with v2.5.4 was short, due to the player seemed to have been 'tampered' with. I went back to v2.5.3 because of this.
I've been using MediaMonkey for about a couple of years and the 2.5.4 version made me give the boot to MediaMonkey Volume Leveling.

Firstly it is good that you take time to report this, but I believe it will be worth your while to do v2.5.3 on the 'fresh computer' and wait for v2.5.5 to see if they manage to repair the 'tampered' player part.

I could be wrong, as I did not study the problem in detail, just got annoyed.

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Re: Volume levelling and the iPod

Post by charlieMOGUL » Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:53 pm

Have you turned on Sound Check in your iPod's menu ? This way you can set the iPod to read (apply) or ignore volume leveling's tags.



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Volume Leveling when playing in MM directly from an iPod

Post by rusty » Thu Dec 14, 2006 4:09 pm


Thanks for the report. I'm able to reproduce this and have added it to our to do list.


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