Bug: Lyric edits are discarded when new track plays

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Bug: Lyric edits are discarded when new track plays

Post by peter_h »

To reproduce:

1) Play a track
2) Click View > Properties. Click the Lyrics tab.
3) Now write, or edit the lyrics as the track plays, using the track slider to go back and forwards, so you can get the lyrics down.
4) However, if you let the track move on to the next song (because you're busy writing down those last few lyrics), all your edits get discarded and the contents of the lyrics window reverts to the last time the lyrics were saved.

Just happened to me. Damned annoying - just losing 30 minutes of my life like that.

At the very least, it should have popped up a dialog saying "The current track has changed. Do you want to save your changes?"

Thanks for listening :)
:) Pete, from Wellington, New Zealand.

Running WinXP sp3, 2Gig memory, nVidia 8600GT video.