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mm fails to save fields to database (randomly)

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:14 am
by donector

I have been looking for this issue , and I am surprised I could not find any other thread about it, as I have been having this issue since years with all versions of mediamonkey!.. I am using the latest 4.1.17

What happens (always) is when I input data to the db (edit tags / update track properties), individually or batch (specially videos), there are always some records (tracks) for which the input data has not been saved : using "edit properties" or using "filename to update tags".

I am NOT looking to save fields into the FILE tags (as I know this is not possible for mkv videos for instance=, I just want that the input info is actually saved in MM DB...when I want to browse later.

For example: if I pick a folder, select all of their files (let's say mkv and mp4) - edit proporties - change type to "music video" and let's say input "artist" and "album artist" strings and hit save. it seems to have saved....

but later when i browse by such artist, some tracks will be missing, and if i go to unkown artist, i will find SOME of the formerly tagged tracks: untagged (IE it randomly saves some records and others not)..

I wonder if this has anything to do with SQLite, maybe this database is not reliable and does not actually perform the operations in all the lines? I do not know as it makes no sense at all .. but as I said I have had this issue always...

and the appaling patchwork has been re-updating the fields... most of the times the second time the save works.. som other the third time etc, unitl it finally saves

is there any suggestion?


Re: mm fails to save fields to database (randomly)

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:36 am
by Lowlander
I've not seen this myself. Are you working in the My Computer node or are you editing the files in question outside of MediaMonkey in any way (then rescan may wipe changes)?

Re: mm fails to save fields to database (randomly)

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:51 pm
by donector
When editing the track properties (actualy in mm db) it is always inside MM (my pc) without further handling from away

Now that you ask I can mention that sometimes /often I do OPEN or view the videos using my file manager (total commander) using vlc as a player, ro some other times I drag the videos from mm to VLC.. I would not expect this to carry any consequnce on the track data in MM because I am just reading... but maybe it could have some relation? (1)

Having said that there is another thing I wonder a lot lately, I notice that when I move videos let's say mkv between folders with MM, or when I re-scan them to mm's db: I notice when I see the internal video file "last modified date" (outside MM looking the file list details with my file manager) that this date gets modified!!?? how come is that?.. if I am not editing the file at all, the video own tags remain untouched.. I don't know if you understand anything about that? (2)