Non standard tag names encoded when ripping a CD

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Non standard tag names encoded when ripping a CD

Post by stillnotpc »

I used MediaMonkey v to rip a CD for use in Logitech Media Server (LMS). I didn't like the supplied artist name which contained a typo. I used MP3tag (latest version) to correct it. LMS still showed some of the old data. Eventually I used MultiEdit to view the generated music file and found that the old data was present under a tag name of ALBUM ARTIST (note the space). I edited the tag name using MultiEdit by removing the space and inserting a new space after ARTIST. I could then see the tag in MP3tag and edit it. LMS clearly doesn't have a problem with handling a tag "ALBUM ARTIST", which perhaps it should.

My diagnosis (as a former developer in a completely different area) is that whichever database you are using to populate the tags when encoding contains some bad data, that it supplies an invalid tag name to your encoding routine which then (correctly) simply encodes what it receives, in this case a tag name "ALBUM ARTIST" rather than "ALBUMARTIST" without the space. I use MediaMonkey a lot for this purpose and have seen this problem on only a few albums, which tells me that the encoding routine is probably fine and that the problem comes from the data it uses.
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Re: Non standard tag names encoded when ripping a CD

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Main problem is that tags "ALBUM ARTIST" and "ALBUMARTIST" were not standardized per formats and many apps used their own implementation and solutions to resolve the problem. We tried to stay as much as possible compatible with other apps, but it was not always enough.

We have even talked with MP3Tag devs about making it more standardized, but same as use not all apps went that way.

Would like to hear more detailed your opinion on this as based on ... portedTags it should be OK.
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