[BUG] CD reading behaviour

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[BUG] CD reading behaviour

Post by roussel »

MM version

On CD reading, it appears that each time the CD reader is running fast to read more (you hear it), the player is puzzled and you hear during one or two seconds another part of the track you currently read.

Tested with several other media player and the entire CD is playing well...
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Re: [BUG] CD reading behaviour

Post by Peke »

I can't replicate your problem.

May I ask you to open support ticket at https://www.mediamonkey.com/support/ (same credentials as for forum) and then send us link to Download video you recorded using your phone or Screen grabber in order to try to more closely observe steps you are doing in order to replicate the problem.

Thing I tried is to Play Audio CD (Track 1)-> Start ripping of CD (Track 20) which put big stress on drive as it reads first track and plays last track on CD. ALl was playing normally and track was ripped with no Artifacts. Only downside is that it took 5x more time to rip track that it should.
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