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Autoplaylist: Search string includes special characters

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 6:26 am
by Zeitgenosse


can't save a library seach correct using "Save as Autoplaylist", if there is a special character in the search string, here a semicolon (;).

there is a lyrics tag like ;xx; to bypass "search for missing lyrics".

The search string lyrics:;xx; doesn't match for it ignores the semicolons, but lyrics:";xx;" works fine.

If the Search Result is saved using function "Save as autoplaylist" the resulting playlist returns the
same result as e.g. lyrics:;xx;
A manual correction is not possible, for the double quotes are removed automatically, when saving the autoplaylist.

May be there is a -not found- hint about an escape string like \ or doubling characters etc.