Localization in unicode Hindi?

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Localization in unicode Hindi?

Post by ashish »

Hi! Can media monkey be localized in Unicode languages? I really love this software and wanted to see if I can try to localize it in Hindi? Hindi is little tricky to appear as apart from IE no browser can completely support Hindi and even with IE title bar (which says website name and the "Internet Explorer") shows boxes. Given that this is the status, do you know if it can be done. How long does it take usually for one language? You can tell me in terms of number of phrases to be translated. I need to know if I can commit that much time. I am quite technically challenged so would it be possible for me to do this? I read the instructions and they seem to suggest that it is not so difficult. Thanks!
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Post by Son of Spam »

Come on...can we help a brother out here?

I haven't been on this forum for very long, Ashish. But from what I've seen so far, people are very smart and very helpful. Maybe someone can write the Unicode Hindi for you.


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Re: Localization in unicode Hindi?

Post by chintu »

Some one has to do it. may be i will give a try to it. Regarding IE , u need to go to regional settings in Control Panel, then check out the "Support for Thai lang" . It takes 10 MB and asks for your Windows CD. Finally restart, and u have the Hindi much more supported, including in ur IE Heading.
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Re: Localization in unicode Hindi?

Post by rusty »

fyi localization in Hindi or any other unicode language should work--MM is already translated to Greek and I believe work has started on Hebrew as well.

If you start translation, and note a specific problem, please let me know...

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