Who's localizing what for MM 2.5?

If you want to translate MediaMonkey to your local language...

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I'd like to translate media monkey into Turkish..
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May I translate into Bahasa Indonesia?
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I'd like to start translating MM into Basque even that my language has not many user...
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Dotakon wrote:I'd like to start translating MM into Basque even that my language has not many user...
any language that is understood by 2 or more people is a good language 8)
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Post by crcm »

I think i could do FINNISH translation....if nobody has not done it yet.

I Just noticed that this is 2.5 thread....damn I mean I could do MM3
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Re: Turkish

Post by AziL »

Judass wrote:I'd like to translate media monkey into Turkish..
İ've started translation last year, but somehow the files got lost...
i ll start in those days again...
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