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mmw 4, Glided: change 'greyed out' text to different color?

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:28 pm
by joshb
I want to make the 'greyed out' text of inaccessible tracks more visible. I am using MMW 4, Glided skin. I have learned how to edit the theme.mskn file, but can not figure out what entry(s) to change. I'd like to change the faint grey to, say, dark blue. (Close to but just a little different from the default black of playable tracks).

I keep a copy of my mm.db in a portable MMW install on my laptop. When I am away from home, and want to look up something, the laptop cannot access the files (in my main desktop), so all tracks are in 'grey-out' state. I don't mind the non-track-access, I am not trying to play anything, but the eye strain is terrible!