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Roving cowboy...

Why don't you hit the F11 key at start up. It will put the xp machine back to how it was when bought new..
If you use dial up, you can change the number the modem dials in the config.
The previous owner has obviously still got her connection, isp, dial code and info from her service provider still on the computer.

Every single person has a (unique) user name and password from their service provider whether dial up or broadband. It's just the individuals account info. Change all this to your info and it should work just fine.

ps. IE6 is better imho.
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thanks for the reply but i forgot to close out this thread.

the computer is up and running i used some recovery disks and put it back to factory specs.

then i use winXp pro cdrom and upgraded the xp home unit.
now its working like it should and ie 7 is fine on it for what i do
with the web browser.

which will also make it fine for mom.

but the unit is up and running with out any of the other old cr_p
on it. i deleted all the programs i could on that were replaced on the recovery. but i don't want to do that again thats a pain in the butt.
8) :o
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