If you want something trippy...

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If you want something trippy...

Post by rusty »

...you might want to try out an experimental (and unsupported) feature in beta 4.

Go to http://www.geisswerks.com/ and download the Geiss or Geiss 2 visualization plugins. Install one of them (for Geiss 2 you'll have to manualy copy the files to the Songs-DB/Plugins directory).

Play a track in SDB, double-click the lower right portion of the status bar, sit back and enjoy!

-The feature is experimental, but we've included it because you've been asking... Please don't bother sending any bug reports.
-Many visualization plug-ins require the player to transform the audio signal to the frequency domain. This isn't yet supported in Songs-DB so many visualization plug-ins will not work.
-Because there's no UI to select which plug-in is active, the only way to do so is to save all of your visualization plug-ins to the /plugins directory, and rename the ones that you're not using to vis_xxx.dll.off
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Very cool...

Post by Numbnuts »

Very cool. It would be neat to have this as a feature in the released version.

Good job on build 519 so far ;)
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