Copy Field-->Prepend to other?

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Copy Field-->Prepend to other?

Post by alienjournalism »

Good Hello,

I'm struggling to make the limited id3 reading in Deckadance a bit more useful. I recently used Rapid Evolution to get the keys for a folder of mp3s, and saved them to the Custom1 field (by hand).

Is there an easy way to copy the Custom1 fields and paste them to prepend the Album field? I don't use Albums so much but I dont want to necessarily wipe them out or save them to a field that DD cant read (which is anything other than artist-title-album-comments-year).

I have spent many, many hours digging thru these forums and tweaking the shiz out of MM, so I don't ask this as a n00b just bustin in :-)

A hearty salute to all of you coders and skin makers!

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Post by trixmoto »

Steegy's Extract Fields script should be able to handle this.
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