Respect for other people's work

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Respect for other people's work

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This topic is taken from the scripting forum (thanks Trixmoto) but I think it rather applies to skinning as well.

This is a community, and hence we agree with sharing our work. As a skinner we are happy to share our skins and we appreciate it when people make small modifications which enhance the skin.

However, if you are making large modifications to someone else's skin - please can you consult with them before posting it? - since it's largely their work. It is simple common courtesy to speak with them about the changes you have made and why, and not just post your own version of their skin.

Thanks all, and keep skinning! :)

BTW, this is not in reference to any specific incident; I just think that this needed to be said for those who don't assume that it's implied.
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Re: Respect for other people's work

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Thanks for writing this.
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