1287 Errors with 'Advanced duplicate find & fix' script

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1287 Errors with 'Advanced duplicate find & fix' script

Post by Fraxav »

I think many of you already know what that script does, since it's an useful piece of code.
Anyway, I copied metadata from 73 songs and when I selected the 73 destination songs and clicked 'paste' MM freezed. After some seconds several error pop-ups came out (I'm using the debug build of MM3) at the same time. Those pop-ups were flashing so I had to terminate a couple of them to make the others stable. After I sent those error reports (like 6 or 7) MM began editing the tags, the metadata were finally pasted and the source songs deleted (the script was set to delete source songs from library and computer with a confirmation dialog).
I don't know if this is a script problem, or MM or debug build (cause after I sent the reports MM worked again). I wrote to the script author too.
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Re: 1287 Errors with 'Advanced duplicate find & fix' script

Post by nynaevelan »

I already answered in your original post, no need to double post.
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