Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

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Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

Post by Anec »

I know this is already implemented but maybe it needs an Add-On to achieve what I want.

I was really excited when I found this feature long ago, now I really need it. But was very disappointed noticing that it only transfered the files and not the folders as it somewhat indicates. For clearity, I want to find albums, copy them AND the folder they are in, to a specific destination.

Can this be done already and I'm just missing it, or is there an add-on to do so?

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Re: Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

Post by Eyal »

What about using the Library\Location node? Just copy the folder to another location.

See this thread: ... 15#p235047
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Re: Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

Post by CoRsU »

Hi @ all

i got the same problem today. i want to copy some high rated songs from my extern HDD to my new netbook. so i list all my albums in MM and sort it by ratings. now i want to copy them to my netbook in new folders. But all songs copied without their album folder. this would be an very nice feature ;)

Or has anybody a solution for this?

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Re: Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

Post by real_per »

Still nothing to do about this ?
I can't use the sync option, and it's not ideal to have all the individual tracks in one folder..
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Re: Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

Post by nohitter151 »

How about just use auto-organize? You can use the <Folder> parameter so that tracks are copied with the same folder names.

Also make sure its set to copy rather than move the tracks.
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Re: Send To - Folder(Copy) feature

Post by hutmacher »

btw - i just tried this and it worked awesome..

just make SURE you've got it configured to 'copy'....
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