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Having gone through my whole collection renaming and sort etcc. my windows directory has been left with a whole load of empty directorys where the old files were, can mm remove these in future
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Yes, that's something on the to-do list, we will think about how to effectively solve this.

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Has been requested

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This has been requested by others before.

The problem is that not everyone wants their folders deleted when all songs are taken out. So you would need to be able to decide per folder. A pop-up message asking if you want empty folder to be deleted or not would be a solution.

Another solution would be an option in the options menu to auto delete all folders that are emptied while using MM.

In any case this has no urgency for me at all.


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Well, I know this was posted a while ago, but here is a solution:

From ... soft/en/r/


It will search for and remove empty directories. From the readme.txt file enclosed:

"This program searches folders given on the command line for empty directories, and removes them. Directories containing files are not removed, and no files are deleted. The search is always recursive. Multiple folders can be specified on the command line."

I've tried it out and it does indeed work pretty slick.
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