How many "lifetime license" users out there?

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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Trixie »

I've had a lifetime license since 2006. I can't say enough about MM and recommend it to anyone who has a large library. I especially love the ease with which I can tag, sort, organize, and convert tracks. For me, MM's greatest attributes are those of organization. I also love the ability to subscribe and automate downloads of podcasts, and the synchronizing capabilities for just about any external device, even another hard drive.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by KarlAuer »

I started with Songbird, because it came with my player. Although I liked the look and feel very much from the beginning, I missed some functions and became very unhappy with some others. Then more I learned about the programm, then more I disliked it. So I was searching for an alternative software and found MM. After some test with MM3 I upgraded to MM4 beta quickly, to solve some technical issues (sync). Being completely satisfied with the program I purchased a lifetime license a week later and became even more satisfied with the new features, offered by the Gold version.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by jabbrwokk »

I'm one for the past couple years! Love it.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by djmt99 »

I'm an audiophile and music lover, collector and hoarder... all types, genres, eras. More importantly, I'm a career DJ and heavily rely on playlists. A visible BPM field was critical for laying out set-lists. Scripts and add-on's make music prep and organization a cakewalk to what it could have been.

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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by pmh »

Another lifer here.

I had the MP3 management tool that Yahoo bought & ruined 5-6 years ago & then found MM. I initially bought a 3.* license for one PC shortly after 3.0 came out & then a lifetime licence for another. I've been using the alpha versions for over a year & can't wait for it to go golden.

Nothing I've found is better to manage my music than MM. Once I MM4 goes gold I'll see if I want to use MM for videos as well.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by RHVC »

I discovered MM back in 2003 and have been very happy with my Lifetime license since then. At that time it was one of the few pieces of software I actually was happy to pay full price for! I still use MM even tho I have to run it inside a VMware instal of XP on my Macbook Pro. As a music manager it has always ruled, and to this day, MM kicks iTunes in the head every time, hands down. Looking forward to MM4 with IOS5 compatibility so I can use it with my Ipad2 and I phone again:)

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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by rpsgc »

MediaMonkey "lifer" reporting to duty :)
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by abharkl »

Had MM for almost 5 years now and nothing handles my music files better. I had other things before MM but once I found out about this program and it completely organized all 3 of my music folders saving me hours of work. I was hooked. Worth every penny for the lifetime license. This is a product the developers deserve every penny for the amazing program we have and I am just glad its still kicking. Version 4 Betas have been promising so far. Cant wait for the full final build for MM4.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by DJSigma »

I used Winamp for years as I was browsing and selecting my music via folders on my PC. I switched to using Winamp's media library, but I could never get it set up quite how I wanted. I'd already tried iTunes, foobar and numerous others and was never really taken with any of them, then I saw someone recommend MM on another site so I thought I'd give it a try. I bought a lifetime license after the first week of using it. I don't actually use any of the features that the paid for version has over the free version, but I knew I was going to be using this software for a long time so I thought I'd support the devs.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by MoDementia »

Lifetime since 2003 or 2004
Within the first week,possibly the first day, I downloaded MM
I knew straight away that it would do everything I needed and more with no gimmicks.

Thanks MM Team
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Panander »

Lifetime since 12/12/05.

Refugee from Musicmatch which got bloated, slower and limited. MM was a breath of fresh air.

MM4 I find very laggy though which is a massive disappointment. MM3 and earlier were so slick
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Peke »

Please do count that MM4 Added tens of new File formats including Videos.

In our tests (tested on libraries that had more than 250k of tracks) when MM4 is doing same job as MM3 results always show up to 35% speedup and not once slowdowns.

Laggy, yes. But than you will not see MM 4.0.1 unless we make some mistakes ;) Show us facts and constructive suggestions and as always we will try to fix them.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by theta_wave »

Lifetime user since 2006 here. Still on the last version of Mediamonkey 3. Reported performance issues with MM4 is making me hesitant to make the jump, especially since I set up MM3 to do exactly what I want. If synching is made possible with iOS 5 on MM4 only, then I might be forced to make the transition; I'm still stuck on iOS 4.x.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Pietercape »

I was a MM3 Gold user and I loved it. It was just perfect for my large classical collection.

In the survey done about 18 months ago (?) I voted against including video in MM4. My concern was bloatware. As I recall the vote was about evenly split between the For and Against voters.

This week when MM4 came out I gave it a test run and I will admit to being very prejudiced but WOW!
I still do not need the video but there are so many features such as the portable install, being able to use all 4 of my CPU processors and the User Interface that I love (heavily criticized by some) .

It was an easy decision to convert to a Lifetime Licence - Congratulations and Thanks to the developers. You proved that more features do not necessarily mean bloatware!
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by lobojon »

I am about to go lifer after 3 years or two with the Monkey. With all of the scripters and forum experts, who could go wrong?

I just hope my upgrade coupon for gold 4 also applies for a lifetime license key. Would that not be peachy keen? Yes, it does I do confirm since I just used the coupon to do so. Go fro it y'all.

Yeah, takes way too long to populate and start up for me. I still use winamp to get to stuff quickly and to play around with the modules. However, nothing beats monkeying around with database power for nearly 2TB of audio files.

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