Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.8.2 (2014-01-27)

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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by dbaps »

Newbie question so please forgive me. What about if you have files that are the same except the number one or two before the period and the extension; is there a way to automatically pick the file with the highest bit rate? What about if the files are across folders or in the same folder? Finally is it smart enough to tell if a song was first issued on CD and then enhanced later on such as the Beatles original CD's and then the remasters a few years ago if they have the same name? Is there a unique checksum or some other way to keep tabs if the names are slightly different but the tags somehow match because they are incomplete? Thanks again, Paul
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by kazadharri »

I was wondering if this could help me out? The problem I have was caused by a DB crash (NAS). I was able to recover the data, but when MM4 started up the first time it recreated the data during its first scan with file monitor. So now I have duplicates of every song. But the wrinkle is the Old path songs, ie.. greyed out ones have all the play counts, ratings, played information, etc.. While the "New" entries just have the basic file information.
Unfortunately the OLD path is no longer valid.

But the DB has this:

\\kazadzen2\data\zen music\done music\J\Jeff Beck\Wired\02_Jeff Beck_Wired_Come Dancing.mp3 <<<<<New entry
\\Kazadzen\share\ZEN Music\Done Music\J\Jeff Beck\Wired\02_Jeff Beck_Wired_Come Dancing.mp3 <<<<< Old entry, but with correct track information.

The first one is the proper db entry that I want to keep. But this script is so confusing I have no idea how to fix this in a STEP by STEP method help.

thanks, Jeff
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by kazadharri »

Finally got it to work. All is well. I hope. /Jeff
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by SDJeff »

Same problem here. Any fix for this problem?

marwin0815 wrote:It does not work with MM4 (when I start it as "user" - it only works as "Aministrator") BS: VISTA64 German MM-Language English
I got an Error Message like this:

Index out of Range: '[number: 4]'
Line: 483, Column:4

Any Ideas?

Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by leehassel »

I have been having the same error since the update to MM4. I have seen a post referring to modifying the .ini file but I could not find the instructions on how to. I cannot reinstall duplicate find and fix either. I get the same error.

Error #9 - Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Subscript out of range:'[number: 4]'
File: ..... Line: 483, Column: 4
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by leehassel »

I was able to work it out. This is what worked for me. I did a search on my whole computer for the Mediamonkey.ini file. I found two of them. One was relatively new and the other was over a year old. I moved the older one to a different location temporarily and restarted MM. That made no difference so I assume that file was orphaned from MM3 and was not needed and deleted it. I then opened the newer .ini file and found a section of code that was labeled '
[AdvDupeFindFix]' and deleted it. Saved the file and restarted MM4 as administrator and had no more errors. I re-installed duplicate find and fix and all is well.

I hope this helps someone. I always find great help on forums and hope to return the favor.
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by SDJeff »

Thanks Leehassel. Your procedure worked for me.
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by MagGyver »

Alas, leehassell's fix did not work for me. I closed MM4, edited the mediamonkey.ini file to remove the section about ADFF, saved, and reopened MM4 as admin. Tried double-clicking on the ADFF 3.7.4 mmip file and got the same error everyone is listing here. Using Win7 64-bit. Anyone have any other ideas?
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by dominotabitha »


I've been using MM for several years now, and I've upgraded to MM4.0.2.1462.

I want to sort out the duplicate mp3s in my database and having found Bex's Advanced File Find & Fix, It seemed to do everything that I want, and more. My only problem is that I can't get it to install successfully. This is what I've tried, many times, but I'm obviously doing something wrong:

Downloaded and installed most recent MediaMonkey file (
Downloaded most recent mmip file (3.7.4).
Ran MM4 as an administrator.
Double-clicked on the mmip file, chose the "All Users" option.

MM reports that it has successfully installed the script.
I eagerly click on the "Files to Edit" node in the tree, but there is no Advanced Duplicate File & Fix node.

I have uninstalled the script and reinstalled it several times, but nothing has changed. MM at no time generates any kind of error message. I'm running MM on Vista Home Basic.

Could anybody help? Thanks in advance :-)

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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by Rednroll »

I just updated from MM 3.2.5 to MM I was getting the same Runtime error as everyone else when starting MM. Windows 7 64 bit.

Here's what I did and now I don't seem to be having anymore problems.
1. Close out MM
2. Edit MediaMonkey.ini file.
3. Found "[AdvDupeFindFix]" within MediaMonkey.ini file, deleted that header and everything under it, up until the next header.
4. Saved changes to MediaMonkey.ini file.
5. Browsed to SCRIPTS>AUTO and deleted previous "AdvancedDuplicateFindFixMM3.vbs" file.
6. Copied "AdvancedDuplicateFindFix.3.7.4.mmip" to my MediaMonkey Install folder.
7. Right clicked on AdvancedDuplicateFindFix.3.7.4.mmip file and selected "Properties"
8. Selected "Security" Tab, selected each available user listed, selected Edit for each user and set privileges to ALLOW> Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, Read, and Write.
9. Click Apply to save changes.
10. Double click on AdvancedDuplicateFindFix.3.7.4.mmip file to run.
11. MediaMonkey opened and script installer started. I unchecked Current User, and then proceeded to install script.
12. Closed out MM and restarted MM. No more error observed upon start. I tested out the script doing a copy and past of meta data and that worked also.
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix Ver 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by gggirlgeek »

flybob wrote:...the bottom of the "Custom Duplicate Search" popup window cuts off (or is hidden, or is out-of-view) below the "VBR/CBR" line, and is not resizeable or scrollable....

WinXP, 1280x800 screen resolution, desktop font size: normal
Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4
Bex wrote:Hi flybob,

To reduce the size of the form in "Custom Duplicate Search" and "Find More from Same", you can remove fields you don't use in the options.
This is big problem for me too. Even the author has disabled a bunch of fields to make it fit! (see screenshot on the first page of this thread)

Win7, 1280x720 wide screen. desktop font size: normal
Screen size 32" LCD
Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4
MM 4.03 Gold

Removing fields works but I have to eliminate 9! (12 if my MM font is at 110% where I like it.) This is my work-around for now but it's a lot of back-and-forth.

Changing to screen resolution 1920x1080 works but is not acceptable (words look like ants!) This is a ridiculously high resolution for text reading without getting nose prints the screen, and looks like crap on a monitor bigger than 26".

Isn't there a way to make the dialog spread out in landscape mode (horizontally) instead of portrait (vertically)? I don't even know if this is being developed anymore (latest 8/2010.) One of these days I'm going to learn how to make an extension with dialogs. Then I will as the author if I can fix it.

How it looks at 1920x1080
Yes, it's that small and that blurry

Bottom cut off (even with 10 fields disabled!)
-Sorry, I changed skins-
My current favorite software: MediaMonkey Gold!
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by gideonrv »

I have this problem too, and no workabout works for me. I have a question for Bex: If it's a "Subscript out of range" error, why don't you fix it?

The "Copy/Past Metadata" was very useful for me in MM3, and now I miss it.
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by michaeljc70 »

I haven't used this script yet, but read through part of the thread (There are a lot of pages). What I am looking for is when it deletes files, to update playlists to reflect the deletion.

For example, I have 3 songs (Call them t1,t2,t3) and they are duplicates. They are all in various playlists. If I delete t1 and t2, I would like my playlists to be updated so that they all have t3 instead of t1 or t2. Otherwise I have broken playlists.

Has anyone worked on this functionality? If not, I might do it.
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Re: Advanced Duplicate Find & Fix 3.7.4 (2010-08-21)

Post by tommycrock »

Rednroll - thanks. This was odd for me because I've installed several times and not had this problem before but did this time. Anyway, your workaround worked!

Installed DuplicateReport. Where is it? How do I use it?

Post by xMordecai666 »

It said the script installed correctly. But then nothing happened, I can't find it anywhere. How do I use it? Where is it located?
I'm new to Mediamonkey.
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