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Re: List of All Scripts

Post by Aff »

Script: Sync back ratings & play counts from portable device (MSC)
Author: Aff
Reference: ... =2&t=59888

With Android devices, Auto-Sync is unable to sync back ratings (tags only, not the entire file!) and play count, neither in MTP (Media Player) nor in MSC (Mass Storage) mode. Basically the same problem exists for all portable devices in MSC mode.
And here comes the solution: this script enables you to sync your rating tags from any portable USB device and play count from Android Music PlayerPro back to MediaMonkey!
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Re: List of All Scripts

Post by AngrySpade »

Script: AlbumCollections
Author: AngrySpade
Reference: ... =2&t=60003

Description: This script allows users to create ordered collections of albums with functionality to display them and organize them in various ways.

Idea: ... 19&t=58589
This script came from a desire to have playlists that kept track of albums.
I used to do it with playlists for a long time, but I would often end up with missing tracks or albums out of order.
This solved my problems & let me track my music like I wanted to.
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