Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

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Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

Post by Sebastian78 »

Hello there,

I've not found a solution to this, but is it possible to have MM never play songs below a certain rating when in shuffle? I have a couple of songs I absolutely HATE from artists I love. I'm OCD enough not to want to delete the offending songs, it's part of an album, but I never EVER want it played on my computer.

Is there a script or a setting?

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Re: Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

Post by Mizery_Made »

Instead of using Shuffle, you could use the Auto-DJ feature with a playlist that excludes the songs rated below a certain threshold. Or, you use a filter to "hide" them, and perhaps keep yourself from adding them to the now playing list (while still having them in your library for when/if you would like to see a full album). Otherwise, there's not much option. It's been requested before to implement a feature similar to that of iTunes' check boxes that keep tracks from playing though.
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Re: Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

Post by Lowlander »

Never add them to the Now Playing:

- Use Auto-Playlists with Rating criteria Rating => 1
- Use Collections with Rating criteria Rating => 1, so you won't even see the 0 star rated files (thus can't add them on manual play).
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Re: Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

Post by Solitaire001 »

I was going to suggest something similar to Lowlander: make autoplaylists that exclude tracks rated zero stars, and use those to play the music on your computer. I do something similar when managing the music on my player, only tracks rated two stars or higher are loaded on my player. I also have a playlist that loads a small number of tracks rated zero stars on my player as a sampler. It gives me a chance to discover a possible hidden gem

The reason I exclude tracks rated one star on my player is that I've found that when a song that is rated zero stars is synced to my player (such as those in my sampler), MediaMonkey automatically changes its rating to one star. At first I found it an irritant, but I've found that I can use it to my advantage. By excluding one-star songs, it ensures that songs in my sampler won't return to my player (unless I change its rating to zero stars or higher than one star).
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Re: Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

Post by dnlusa »

What I do is that I have my own collection which includes music with 3 or more stars and music with no stars. And I use always that collection. Every time I buy new music, it shows up in my collection (as it has no stars) and I rate them. If something gets rated below 3*, it just disappears and it will never be played again.

MM is great for all these features.


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Re: Possible to "Never Play" zero star ratings?

Post by wgardenhire »

Simply delete the file from the library while leaving it on the computer - both problems solved.
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