Individually Customized Podcast Syncing [#9635]

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Individually Customized Podcast Syncing [#9635]

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At present, when syncing your player you have the option of selecting which podcasts you want to have automatically synced to your player and how many episodes of each podcast you want loaded on your player (such as one most recent episode). A limitation is that the number of episodes and what type (any or just unlistened) you want loaded on your player is the same for all selected podcasts.

An improvement would be to allow you to choose how many episodes you want loaded on the player separately for each podcast. Then, you'd be able to select all episodes for one podcast, the two most recent for another, and all unlistened-to podcasts for yet another.

I've created a workaround for this by using autoplaylists. I created an autoplaylist that loads all rated podcasts on my player. This allows me to choose which podcasts I want on my player in cases where they don't meet the criteria to be automatically loaded on my player.
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Re: Individually Customized Podcast Syncing

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