Few issues with MM8

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Few issues with MM8

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I have crashed MM8 several times when selecting "Albums" on the home page. Doesn't happen all the time and I haven't figured out anything unique on those specific occasions, but I think music was always playing. Can't repeat it. Like 635 albums, all with artwork. Sorry I can't tie it down better.

All my artwork shows up properly under albums. I use Folder.jpg in all my album directories. Under Artist, I have the occasion Artist that doesn't show the artwork. 13 total out of 855 Artist, just get the round disk. Click on that Artist, with missing artwork, and you see the artwork on the next screen. Click on that album, and all the songs appear with the artwork beside them. Search for that Artist and it brings up all the songs with the artwork. Just no Artwork for that Artist on the Artist page. I understand the case of Soundtrack and Various Artist since there are too many Artworks to display. Under all my other cases there is only a single album under the Artist missing artwork.

Might give us an option to turn off equalizer graph above track timer bar. Sometime if you are writing or working it catches corner of your eye and can be a distraction jumping all about. A check box near it would be neat versus doing it in settings which would be a hassle to toggle on and off.
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Re: Few issues with MM8

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Can you send me some of the tracks where covers isn't appear in artists view ?
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