Unwanted Subscriptions For Imported Podcasts

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Unwanted Subscriptions For Imported Podcasts

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I recently added some podcasts from iTunes into MediaMonkey (MM). When I checked my podcast subscriptions in the Podcast branch of the Media Tree, I discovered that MediaMonkey had added partial subscriptions for the imported podcasts (the subscription did not have the podcast URL). I've had this happen before with some archived podcasts (ones I used to subscribe to and still want to keep the old episodes) and what I've had to do to get rid of the unwanted subscriptions is change the file's type to "Music," change the podcast's genre to something other than "Podcast," and then delete the partial subscription. Then MM treats the imported podcasts as music files and avoids mixing up them up with my current podcasts.

I'd like to see MM add an option that would allow users to avoid these partial subscriptions. One option is that when MM imports files it asks the user to set the file type for the imported files (Music, Audiobook, Podcast, and so on), and only the files the user designated as "Podcast" will add a partial podcast subscription (that can be completed by the user). Another option is adding the ability to automatically designate how imported files will be treated (as an example, all MP3 files will be treated as Music, all AVI files will be treated as Video), much like you can set up autoconvertion rules when loading them on your player.