MediaMonkey for Windows 8

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MediaMonkey for Windows 8

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Hi Guys,

It seems there is/are some bugs with MediaMonkey for Windows 8.
I will not be able to provide logs because this version must be installed via Windows market (unfortunately) and thus no debug version exists

Here is the 100% sure bug, some other suspected will follow:

BUG: when I select all a specific folder to play, MM dies unexpectedly. IMPORTANT: this folder is an artist (for example), containing its albums (and so many records behind). This does not happen, when I select the artist via the "artist icon" way.

SUSPECTED BUG (can come from windows 8 too): my audio player is under Windows 8. It is a AMD5350 CPU, 2x2GB DDR3 RAM, on a AM1B ITX mobo. It boots perfectly etc. MM is configured to use a SAMBA (not Windows) share to play FLAC files (bigger then). Samba is boosted, it xfers files at 100MB/s on Windows 8 without problem, either small or big files...

FEATURE : finally, let me take this opportunity to request a feature :-). I setup a touch screen audio player, and so why MM from Windows market. I am blocked on 8 inches, 1024x768 (800x600 would have been preferable). Could it be possible to have bigger fonts, and also a bigger slide bar at the bottom, so it can be easier to catch with the finger ?

Thanks in advance !