Initial scanning very slow on Android

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Re: Initial scanning very slow on Android

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Yes, killing Explorer.exe seems to be another workaround for the MTP freeze issue, although really not very comfortable, I believe.
My workaround used to be to let the phone plugged in for minute and then run the sync.
Unfortunatelly the freeze is on MTP layer (most probably on Android side) and I have never found a workaround that 100% works and I 've spent vere much time on it.
The fix is on Android side, e.g. I found that the freeze often happens once MMA or MMW deletes a file on the device and the device is connected just for few seconds.

I am also able to simulate the freeze without involving MMA/MMW at all.
My test case is:
- Connect the phone over USB
- Run Total Commander for Android and delete a file
- Try to browse the phone using Windows Explorer
=> freeze

So as we can see we are not the only one struggling with this, hopefully it will go better with Lillipop (I haven't tested yet).
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