Song ratings and ID3 tags not really modified

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Song ratings and ID3 tags not really modified

Post by cipnrkorvo »

I can rate songs, and modify their ID3 metatag data (title, artist, ...) but then the information isn't written to the MP3 file like it is in desktop MediaMonkey.

That means when I bring my music to another computer, I format my computer, or I uninstall/reinstall MediaMonkey metro, I lose everything!
This makes the app unusable for me. I suppose it has to do with app's permission to modify files, so I would like to say again: it's the perfect time to upgrade MediaMonkey metro to a Windows universal app (a single app which runs across Windows 10, Windows phones, and XBox).

This app could have all the power and functionality of MediaMonkey for desktop, so could be the new perfect media player. And it could, of course, modify my MP3 files' ID3 tags.
Meanwhile, if anyone knows how to allow MediaMonkey metro to modify the files, please tell me