How do I make a conditional mask?

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How do I make a conditional mask?

Post by chrisdukes »

I want to make a mask that moves and names files depending on which grouping they're in. All of my music is in 1 of 5 groupings: Album, Compilation, EP, Live, or Mix. So, I guess the mask should look something like this:

F:\Music\<Genre>\<Album Artist>\<Grouping>\(<Album> OR (<Artist> - <Album>))\<Track#> - <Title>

Album, EP, and Live all get (<Artist> - <Album>) for their music folder. Compilation and Mix just gets <Album>. I know I should be using an $if to make the mask conditional, I think, but I can't figure out the right way.
Also, links to tutorials are greatly appreciated I have been using these 2: ... ormats/4.0 ... escription
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Re: How do I make a conditional mask?

Post by Mizery_Made »

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$if(<grouping>=Mix,<Album>,$if(<grouping>=Compilation,<Album>,<Artist> - <Album>))
With this, it will check if the Grouping equals Mix, if it does then it will add <Album>
If it doesn't match, then it will check if Grouping equals Compilation. If it does, it adds <Album>
If neither of those conditions match, then it will add <Artist> - <Album>, this catching Album, EP and Live.
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