Odd crashes when playing minecraft

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Odd crashes when playing minecraft

Post by joeshaffer72 »

I don't know if anyone can give me any answers but if I play minecraft with mediamonkey running, I get problems with my video driver communicating in a timely fashion with minecraft and the game crashing. It is the only game that crashes in this way and only crashes if I have mediamonkey open at the same time. Otherwise it runs for hours with no interruption. However, within 15-30 minutes of media monkey running the display drivers crash because they are not receiving information from minecraft in a timely fashion. I just wondered if anyone has had any problems running both programs or mediamonkey conflicting with any java based applications.

I'm using mediamonkey regular version, minecraft 1.8.4, and java 8 update 45 with amd display drivers on a windows 8 system.

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Re: Odd crashes when playing minecraft

Post by nohitter151 »

What video card do you have? I'm on Windows 8.1, same versions of MM, minecraft, and java with a amd 7970 and I can run them both without any issues. I have AMD catalyst 14.12 as current driver.
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