Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

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Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

Post by Dance-Teacher »

I am looking for an Android tablet music player that can not only sort by artist, genre etc. but also display and sort by bpm. I have been looking everywhere, but no player seems to be able to do that (neither on Android nor on iOS).

Can you? Happy to pay for this feature in a premium version.
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Re: Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

Post by BigInJapan »

Hi Dance-Teacher,
There was talk once upon a time of having more of MMW's tags, like bpm, sync over to MMA. I've been casually watching for updates on that front, but I haven't seen any posts about it in quite some time. The whole project seems to be really bogged down in just getting sync working across the billion Android version / device configuration combinations.

The way you could attack that right now is to set up an auto-playlist in MMW that selects tracks and sorts them by bpm, sync that playlist over to MMA, and then play the playlist in order on your device. In general, if there's any search / sort that you routinely want available on the device, just make an auto-playlist on the desktop side that does that search / sort, and then sync that playlist over.

Hopefully the ability to do this directly on the device comes along before too much longer.
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Re: Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

Post by AnoRho »

I have used MisMeister BPM Analyzer to determine and set the BPM of all my MP3 files.

I can check that the BPM values are present on the files in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on any MP3 file and choosing the Properties option, then the Details tab and then look down in the Content section at Beats-per-minute.

However, in MediaMonkey when I include BPM in the table there are values only in one albums BPM fields.

How can I get MediaMonkey to use the Beats-per-minute attribute from the file?

Re: Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

Post by BumbleBec »

+1 for this feature; I am a swing dance teacher and DJ and it would be great to have BPM information displayed in a playlist on the android version of MM. In general it would be good to be able to customise which fields are displayed in playlists in the Android version - I don't use the rating field and so it is annoying/messy for empty stars to be displayed next to tracks.

Re: Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

Post by River77 »

+1 for this i too teach dancing and being able to view by BPM is how I run my classes on PC. Being able to do this on my Android device would be AMAZING!!! PPPLLLEAAASE add it :-D
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Re: Feature request: Display and Sort by bpm

Post by Peke »

Custom sorting is worked on and more info will be available soon.
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