Script native MM Panels view on/off??

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Script native MM Panels view on/off??

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I had been a purist - using a dedicated computer for mediamonkey and music. But I'm now going to evolve and enjoy the ability to make MediaMonkey my VIDEO center as well. ONE MAJOR GOAL is challenging right off the bat: I REQUIRE a second monitor to have a custom panel for music info/art/lyrics/etc ... and NOW ART & DETAILS window for video.

So will need something like this:

Sub MyOnPlayEvent()
If type = music then
"Art & Details" window view = off
CustomPanelWithLovelyHtml.Common.Visible = True
ElseIf type = video then
CustomPanelWithLovelyHtml.Common.Visible = False
"Art & Details" window view = on
end sub

BUT... how can I script the on/off of "Art & Details" view???

I'm sure this must be possible without resorting to hotkeys/sendkeys (not crazy about sendkeys). I've tried many experiments but can't find the trick.

Possibly could embed a second party video player IN my custom panel BUT thats not as desirable as using MM's native video support (and the existing plugin to do this with VLC seems to no longer work anyway). Perhaps its possible to EMBED ART&DETAILS window IN A CUSTOM PANEL?? I've never seen anything that suggests there's a trick to do that.

Anybody got a tip?