MMS wishes and ideas

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MMS wishes and ideas

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I love the MMS project that is currently being developed besides MM5 and MMA! The fact that it's fully open-sourced on GitHub is awesome.
Generally my understanding is that MMS is meant to be a more or less pure backend (though it currently has a simple webUI and the project is open sourced).

This thread is just meant to be a general wishlist/idea-gathering thing.

0) Plugins/Script support
- Imagine tighter integration with e.g. Acoustid/Chromaprint - see eg. & and MusicBrainz etc.
- Simple Google search for artwork

1) Podcasts.. (simple add, sync/search for new, delete, edit and some limits e.g. retention)

2) Categories ("Recently Added", "Starred", "Top Rated", "Most Played" etc.)

3) Encryption

4) Users/Profiles

5) Integration/Interfaces to communicate with MMS. I see there exists some undocumented REST API today (/lib/api/rest.js) - but what about thinking "event
style" aka. some pubsub?

6) Monitoring of directories to automagically update "Collections" (is this in place already?)

7) Scalability/Performance (how well does MMS - or MM5 for that matter - perform with e.g. a 1TB mp3 archive? Not very well it seems)

8) Sync between MMS and MM5/MMA (e.g. create DB in MMS and read in MM5/MMA - if changed by MM5/MMA it should be updated in MMS DB - if changed by MMS, e.g. by the beautifull beets plugin, it would be reflected in MM5/MMA as they use MMS)
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Re: MMS wishes and ideas

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Thank you fro kind words, I like your ideas, but it would be bets to write those suggestions directly on GitHub and you can add reference to this Topic?
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