Generating Time Series Data from MM

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Generating Time Series Data from MM

Post by bulwer99 »

I would like to find someone interested in generating Time Series Data for InfluxDB ( My interest is to capture each song as it starts playing, its properties (title, artist, album, whatever), and also capture the current playing song every n seconds. Finally, I would like to capture any error events. I would like to watch what my wife and I play. I would also like to turn on the Telegraf OS metrics and look for playback problems for the data collected every n seconds.

There is a trivial method in Telegraf to run a script every n seconds, it grabs standard out, and forwards the data. Almost as easy to do is writing a Telegraf plugin which calls MM API to get the data. For some of this forum's readers, it may be simple to write an Addon which logs the time series format output records (simple ASCII text or https direct write). I am not familiar with MM programming to decide if pulling data from Telegraf/external script would be better than emitting events as they happen with an Addon. I can also work with Prometheus emitting Addon as InfluxDB will work with it.

I wish to spend my time studying the incoming data and not learning the various MM interfaces, and trade-offs. I would be happy to tweak any Addon or Telegraf plugins once they are started to get the data emitted and properly formatted. I do think that long term Gold customers like myself will find patterns interesting and tracking down errors like jitter might be instructive. InfluxDB is available as Open Source so anyone interested could use the results of the above in their own DB.

If the above exists and I missed it, be sure to call me out. Otherwise, let's talk. It appears there is a private message feature to start any discussions on and we can update this note later if any work gets done on it.

Full disclosure: I will be working for InfluxData starting in the near future in case that is a problem for anyone.
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Re: Generating Time Series Data from MM

Post by Peke »

MMW sends Play/Stop Events and it can be easy made to repeat event every few seconds, also it can easily save info to TXT file (format as you like) that you can watch modified date so that you can update influxdb on change.

Also MMW script can be made so that about every 30 seconds check player state and if playing update track pos and other metadata you need.

Note https direct write is problematic due the its slowness and as script is not async it can lead to freeze.
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