skip 10 or 20 seconds forward in a track?

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Re: skip 10 or 20 seconds forward in a track?

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For the button script: the buttons worked well but when playing videos they are hidden no matter where I move them. It doesn't matter whether I'm in Fullscreen or simply maximized, there is no way to move the buttons beside the player module, or up to the menu bar (which are the only two "modules" shown while videos are playing). I tried skinned and unskinned modes too.

Fortunately, I have the mouse tilt button set to the shortcut key mentioned above, so this is a workaround for now.

I am thinking of using MM for more serious video watching because the sound is so much better than VLC. These buttons would be important in that case.

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Re: skip 10 or 20 seconds forward in a track?

Post by Peke »

Have you tried Arrow keys in Full screen?
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Re: skip 10 or 20 seconds forward in a track?

Post by UpliftingPills »

Escay wrote: Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:57 pm For those wanting shortcuts instead of buttons, this works for me:

Store this in a file 'fastforward.vbs' in /Scripts, not in /Scripts/Auto

Code: Select all

Sub Forward
  Dim pltime
  'ffwd  time in seconds
  pltime = 20

  if (SDB.Player.isPlaying) And (Not SDB.Player.isStartingPlayback) Then
	If Not (SDB.Player.PlaybackTime+(pltime*1000) > SDB.Player.CurrentSongLength) Then
	  SDB.Player.PlaybackTime = SDB.Player.PlaybackTime+(pltime*1000)
	end If
  End If
End Sub

Sub Rewind
  Dim pltime
  'rewind time in seconds
  pltime = 10

  If (SDB.Player.isPlaying) And (Not SDB.Player.isStartingPlayback) Then
	If Not (SDB.Player.PlaybackTime-(pltime*1000) < 0) Then
	  SDB.Player.PlaybackTime = SDB.Player.PlaybackTime-(pltime*1000)
	end if
  End if
End sub
Then add 2 shortcuts by adding the following code at the end of /Scripts/Scripts.ini:

Code: Select all

DisplayName=Fast Forward 20
Description=Fast Forwards 20 seconds

DisplayName=Fast Rewind 10
Description=Fast Rewinds 10 seconds
Now you can fast forward 20 seconds with . and rewind 10 seconds with ,
Change the Shortcut= to your own preferences. See ... _scripting for more info on the Shortcut=

Thank you all for the original script!
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Re: skip 10 or 20 seconds forward in a track?

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

I If you work with the two shortcuts: the two buttons "." and "," cannot be used for tag editing.
I have included this script in my toolbar.

Please add code.
I received error messages after selection from column browser

Code: Select all

Sub Forward
     on error resume next

Code: Select all

Sub Rewind
     on error resume next
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